WAV’s 30th Anniversary Party


Walcott Adams Verneuille Architects Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence in Architecture and Announces Vision for the Future

Walcott Adams Verneuille Architects (WAV) welcomed over 300 clients, friends and community leaders to a celebration of their 30 years of excellence in architecture and their role shaping the unique built environment of the Fairhope area. Guests were treated to a light show, the first of its kind in the area, of significant projects projected directly onto WAV’s Fairhope office this past December.  

Founding principal Mac Walcott shares his sentiments on the firm’s milestone: “In preparing for our 30th anniversary party, and thinking about it afterwards, many thoughts and sweet memories came to mind. Out of all the old photos, faces, drawings, hugs and buildings that came forward that night, there were three remembrances that are recurring. The most important one was an appreciation of the trust and confidence our clients have placed in us over the years to help them with their dream journeys to new places. It is so much fun to savor the magic that happens when the initial descriptions from our clients turn into real rooms in real places. It is one of the joys of our profession to be included in these magical moments, and our enthusiasm and yearning for this continues today, as it did in 1987.” 

Walcott adds, “Our firm has been very fortunate to be one of the few in our profession that has survived and thrived for 30 years and grown to our current size as one of the largest Architectural firms in our area, all with our original first-generation partners still actively participating in our daily work. It’s a blessing to be with a great group of partners, Gina, Clay, Lea and now Ryan, that enjoy working together. It’s a further blessing to have a wonderful group of associates that take our client’s needs to heart in every thing that they do. We have also identified the next generation of potential leaders in our firm, and will introducing them in the near future.” 

The party served as WAV’s kick-off to a year of reflection and continued innovation in 2018.

"What’s next for the firm is the ongoing conversation this year,” says Walcott. “We have amassed a huge set of ideas about how to make ‘a better WAV’.” Over the next 12 months, we will be will gradually rolling out many changes, mostly minor, a few semi-major, that when done, will have painted a new picture of what ‘next WAV’ will be like. It all happens because our clients continue to trust us to help them on their journeys. We are more delighted than ever to be ‘in the boat’ side by side with them as we go forward.” 

“We are forever thankful to our clients for taking us on these journeys, and we look forward to the decades ahead. The best is yet to come.”

Party Photography by Summer Ennis
Light show courtesy of William Isherwood of Prime Suspect Productions based in Fairhope, Alabama.

Lisa Saldivar