Our Design Approach to Your Commercial Project

With a 30+ year design legacy in Fairhope and other towns in Alabama, we are community-focused and deeply value our close connections with our friends and neighbors. We design commercial buildings that will stand the test of time in terms of quality and sustainability.

Our projects span a wide variety of project types. These include:

  • Education (universities, community colleges, and independent schools)

  • Religious (churches, cemeteries, and memorial gardens)

  • Healthcare (hospitals, professional offices, and urgent care)

  • Offices (workplaces, banks, and retail)

WAV’s team lives and works in this community, and we take pride in our contributions to its architectural landscape. We frequently tour visitors around town and point out that, over the years, WAV has worked on nearly every building in the commercial district. For us, Fairhope’s charm is our biggest inspiration, and its residents are why we are committed to high-quality design.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The WAV team is great to work with. You bring them an idea or a concept and they not only understand it, but they improve on it. They deliver a product beyond what you were expecting.”

Lee Lawson, Baldwin County Economic Development

“They always take the client into account instead of simply telling them what should be done. When the bank builds in communities, they design a building that looks like it’s been there 50 years.”

Robert Seaborn, National Bank of Commerce