Mac Walcott

A founding principal of the firm, Mac’s broad range of experience traverses commercial, residential, institutional, large-scale, small-scale, publicly-funded, and privately-funded projects. Mac is a member of various state and local boards, including the Alabama Board for Registration of Architects (South District Representative); St. James Episcopal Church of Fairhope Vestry; Beckwith Camp and Conference Center; Fairhope Center for the Writing Arts; Fairhope Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee; Fairhope Center for the Arts Council; and the Baldwin County Architectural Review Committee. He earned his Bachelor and Master of Architecture from Tulane University and has received numerous community awards over the years, including being selected Community Leader of the Year by the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce in 2006. Part farmer, part beekeeper, part writer, part free spirit, Mac and his wife, Gina, have three children—McClellan, Charlie and Virginia—and a host of farm animals at their Fish River home.