Profile: The Brewster Point Home

Brewster Point ~ Rockport, Maine

It was late summer, when a stunning property of 116 acres overlooking Penobscot Bay in Rockport Maine was purchased. The original single family estate property with almost 5,500 feet of waterfront shoreline was previously held by the Brewster Point Land Company. The property was being marketed for development as a 45 lot subdivision amid great concerns by the community that the natural and pristine beauty and unique history of the area would be lost forever.

The client seized the opportunity to purchase the land and several structures. He envisioned the property quite differently and wanted to maintain the historic and unique qualities of the property barns, apple orchard, forests, rocky shore and variety of wildlife. The existing home was serving as a sales center for the development and was eventually to be demolished. The client who is dedicated to the spirit of conservation, challenged his architect and project manager to respect the natural beauty of the land while repurposing and enhancing the original home. The original 4,700 square foot structure was completely remodeled and expanded resulting in 8,800 square feet of enclosed living area with 7 bedrooms and 8 fireplaces to accommodate large family gatherings. The architectural character maintains the traditional and classic “shingle style.” The broad porches and expanse of windows set the stage for commanding views of the gently rolling lawn, rocky shoreline, Clam Cove, Penobscot Bay, Ram Island, and beyond the Atlantic Ocean. 

The project was designed and constructed in a little over a year; an incredible pace and accomplishment due to the unwavering support of the owner, detailed architectural plans, and a talented project manager. The entire team of contractors and craftsmen worked almost non-stop through the brutal winter to create a home of casual but exquisite architectural composition with the amenities and qualities of a global resort. The Brewster Point Home will be an estate of lasting natural and architectural beauty evident in historic Maine and enjoyed immensely by its new gracious southern family. 

Project Highlights:

  • Historical property 116 acres overlooking Penobscot Bay in Rockport, Maine

  • Home was original 4,000 sf and expanded to 8,800 sf, 7 bedroom, 8 fireplaces

  • Architectural character maintains the traditional and classic “shingle style"

  • Property includes to two fully restored barns, apple orchard, forests, 5,500 ft of waterfront

Inside The Brewster Point book

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Click here to see the full project

“The process of creating a home, the most intimate of architectural endeavors, involves the vision, cooperative spirit, kindness, and talents of many individuals. On this gentle hilltop overlooking the shores of the Penobscot Bay the realization of this beautiful home has been a dream fulfilled.”

- Lea Davis Verneuille

Lisa Saldivar